The Wistar Institue

home_masthead_2_03The Library and Archives of the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, has been a client of Gravity Design Works for more than ten years. In every case they have delivered an exceptional product, on time and within budget.  I appreciate their creative suggestions for our projects and products and recommend them to everyone who has a design/production project.

Nina Long,
Director of Library Serices and Archivist
The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Newton Health & Wellness

DSCN5766Mark and the team at Gravity have been providing our office with the marketing tools necessary to perpetuate our business for over 10 years.  Mark has been able to capture what we want to portray of our business, from radio, print ads, postcard campaigns, web site development and so much more.  Marketing is a continuous process and Gravity Design Works has allowed our image and message to continuously evolve as our business does.  From launching new services to public education our relationship continues to grow.  If you are looking to grow an existing business or launch a new business try their fresh and current approaches that work and generate results time and time again.  I can say one thing Mark always gets it done and the end product is always spot on, we have never been disappointed.  Thanks Mark and the team at Gravity for we very much appreciate the work you have done for us.

Dr. Kevin Shaw
Ati Shaw
Newton Health and Wellness